Residential – Smart Home Bespoke LED Entrance

Residential Bespoke LED Entrance
October 11, 2022

As part of a recent project we worked with our client to create a stunning statement view for their property entrance. We were tasked to modify an existing pendant light fitting to meet the required drop as well as colour match the additional parts in order to make the bespoke design come alive. This light can be seen from outside the house, and once you walk in, your jaw automatically drops. This paired with the bespoke LED strip design by the front door has not only blown away our clients but us at Harrow Lighting too!

I don’t think it would even matter where these stairs lead, I would climb them every time!

The mix of brown, copper, chrome paired with the warm white glow of the LED tape turns this ordinary staircase into the show stopper you see in front of you.

The clean lines that reflect off the textured walls gives you such a warm and unique feel. You can’t help but just stop and stair.. (pardon the pun!)

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